Producător: ISN Technology S.a.s.
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Stainles steel containers for waste




These trolleys are made entirely of stainless steel without the use of rubber gaskets to prevent the accumulation of bacterial loads and allow ease and speed in cleaning and disinfection

Construction features:

1.     Stainless steel AISI 304 structure made of Ø16 mm tube, brushed weldings and satin finish.

2.     With stainless steel bag compartment, complete with stainless steel top cover t open by means of a front pedal lever and a rigid frame for fixing a plastic bag. The compartment is equipped with an openable front door for bag application / extraction.

3.     With metal locking bag

4.     With frame suitable for roll-bag holder (roll-bag not included in the price) for a quick change of the bags.

5. With 2 rear wheels with stainless steel support and white nylon wheel Ø 80 and 2 front pads.




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