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Electric nebulizer


               Technical features:

With the Steripower hands-free disinfection device, patented all over the world, hand disinfection will become as comfortable for you as it has ever been.
Steripower in 10 points:
- Requires no maintenance
- Dosing: amount of individual application adjustable in 10 levels, from 0.5 ml to 5 ml
- Spacious cavity for the disinfection of both hands, without contact. The excess solution does not damage the covering surfaces.
- The current and battery operation allows freedom of positioning. Minimum battery life weeks.
- Optical warning signal in case of battery depletion
- Compatible with any disinfectant preparation on the market (0.5 and 1L bottles)
- Sensor: inserting the hands the sensor activates the casting with the application quantity assigned.
- Nebulisation zone: moistens both hands covering the entire surface. No nebulisation is generated (no aerosol vapour)
- Recovery bowl: excess flux is collected and locked up.
- DIN sleeves for the connection of the supplied battery charger.
- Optional: digital remote control not manoeuvrable,
To check the dosage used and the number of dispensations made.

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