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Electric nebulizer



               Technical features:

 Dimensions 290x290x505 H mm
 Power supply with internal rechargeable battery. The supply includes the battery charger.
     To carry out the recharge it is necessary to remove the battery from the nebulizer. DIN connection on the body of the nebulizer. Duration recharge approximately 6 weeks.
 Prepared for wall mounting
 White plastic structure
 Automatic sanitation activation by photocell 
 1litre tank capacity. With about a liter of product, about 100 nebulisers can be made.
 Amount of sprayed product adjustable to 10 levels from 0.5 to 5 ml. On-board controls for adjustment.
 Compliant with the hygiene regulations provided for by Legislative Decree 155 dated 26/05/1997 (HACCP) and EC regulations.


   Non-modifiable external digital counter for the control of the set dosage and of the nebulisations emitted during the day so as to monitor the passage of people.

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