ELECTRIC NEBULIZER-Steripower mini 500 inox

ELECTRIC NEBULIZER-Steripower mini 500 inox

Producător: ISN Technology S.a.s.
Cod produs: Product 13
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Electric nebulizer

Steripower mini 500 inox


               Technical features:

 Dimensions 188x103x203 H mm
 Power supply with internal rechargeable battery. The supply includes the battery charger.To carry out the recharge it is necessary to remove the battery from the nebulizer. Duration recharge approximately 6 weeks.
 Prepared for wall mounting
 Satin finish stainless steel structure
 Automatic sanitation activation by photocell
 1L tank capacity. With about 1 L of product, about 100 nebulisers can be made.
 Amount of sprayed product adjustable to 0.5 to 5 ml. On-board controls for adjustment.
 Compliant with the hygiene regulations provided for by Legislative Decree 155 dated 26/05/1997 (HACCP) and EC regulations.


• Internal rechargeable battery 

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